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Paperless Office

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Paperless Office: The Office of the Future
A paperless office is something that business owners have been striving for since the dawn of time. Papers produce clutter and inefficiency. A paperless office will improve:

  1. how quickly you and your employees locate information - A paperless office eliminates paper. No more wasting time searching through file cabinets or misfiling documents. With a paperless office your time is spent getting important things done instead of filing or searching. Also, when you are out of your office, you still have instant access to all of your documents from any computer. A paperless office makes it all possible.
  2. information security & reliability - With a paperless office you can control who sees your papers. It's a lot more secure then a lock on the filing cabinet. With a paperless office you will never lose another document and disasters like fires can never destroy your valuable information. And most importantly, with a paperless office you will never have another coffee stain on an important contract. That's priceless.
Each one of the factors above can be vastly improved with an efficient paperless office solution. We will show you how to improve them all without giving you more work to do.

How does BizManager's paperless office work?
This easy solution is a quick way to make your life easier. It's easy to use and there's almost no time spent learning it. It just works and it requires no effort. BizManager's solution:

  1. converts paper to electronic documents - For example, with document imaging a newly signed contract can be scanned into the computer with a scanner. After you do that the paper copy will be archived in electronic form. From there you can place it within the BizManager document center for easy access by you and your staff.
  2. allows you to find any document in seconds - Because you don't have to look through file cabinets, your documents will be instantly available when you need them. You can search for documents based on keywords just like you can with Google or Yahoo and find them in seconds.
  3. restricts access as much as you want - Don't want certain employees to see documents? No problem. Now they can't open the file cabinet and peek. They will need a password to view your secure documents. You control everything including who sees each document.

There are a lot more benefits but we've tried to keep this short for you. Together, you have an easy way to improve the efficiency and profitability of your business while simultaneously improving the quality of your personal life.

Links to Learn More
The following links will provide more information on quality tools that can help you achieve your business goals. Additionally, you will be able to take a free 30-day testdrive of BizManager's powerful tools.

We hope that this introduction has helped you and given you some information that you can use to quickly improve the profitability of your business while making your life a lot easier in the process.